Tuesday, December 14, 2010

From the Star,
Singapore Disdain Expose.
Many at time, we wonder what kind of neighbor Singapore are? A tiny island at the bottom end of the Peninsula of Tanah Melayu. A new nation basically with not much of history to tell but now behaving they are the one that every down here must look up to. The best, the most pragmatic nation so on so forth..... one word to say my piece.....my foot to fill in your mouth. Those bad mouthing senior Singaporean foreign ministry official, your 'kiasu' thinking are deep rooted in your brain, careless about others are your principal of living.
Not surprise really, all the uncalled and arrogant remarks from people who have been polished up by the Israel. So, now they are the lesser Israel of South East Asia. Again.. my foot and lick my cock and also my balls.

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