Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Law To Confuse the Raayat?

Which is which now! rules of law,rules and regulation,so many ground rule and for the laymen like most of us, don’t expect to actually read the legislative language because reading the legislative language is among the more confusing things that most of us ever read in our life.” If only the whole intention is to safeguard the ra'ayat, but then many at time just to further consolidate the power of the government of the day. The laws should be very transparent and clearly worded so that all ordinary citizens would clearly understand what are strictly prohibited and the penalties associated with violating the laws. So with, the laws and prohibitions should be "AS FEW AS POSSIBLE". Both citizens and law enforcers can easily remember them and people can grow in freedom, in an environment of very few restrictions and prohibitions and not the other way round.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Quick Fix on Maid Shortage? Are they all gadgets?

Sources  from Indonesia Ministry of Migrant Care, the above figure shows the nos of Indonesian maid working abroad worldwide and the amount of money send back home.
What surprise me the number death over the years, mainly due to abuse by their respective employer. If that's the statistic which continue to increase year on year, I think the whole world human morality, humanity is disintegrating towards the similar era of slavery. Remember the downing episode of the new world - where the African were force into slavery in new found nation - America.
But now, in a difference perspective and for  Malaysia we need them much due to the reason such as; cost you less to get one, language barrier reduce to minimal - indo/malay rather easy to comprehend though their new found employer is a non malay in Malaysia.
I would just focus on the above data, so with all the bad things that has happened in Malaysia with regards to abuse of foreign maid, especially Indonesian maid. The statistic shows that, there are far more abuse of maid by their employer, compared to the misconduct by them. There are about 1.2 million Indonesian maid now in Malaysia. Complained with regards to misconduct of Indonesian maid almost negligible comparing to report of abuses by the employers.We only know about those reported cases, how about those who are constantly abuse by their employer but left with no choice due to fear of retaliation, homeland commitment and they needs the money to support their poor family back home.
The question is how humane we are, so with the level of civilized way in caring about them..another fellow human being just like you and me but they are the less fortunate. Working long hours, their pay are much lesser than the cost of the dog food that you care.
So the new faces of modern slavery is coming to this materialistic world, though with human made rules and regulation  which normally giving no right of human dignity to their predicament.
Remember the saying always " pay your workers before their sweat gotten to dry" and " be fair to your "khadam" aka your maid" or you will be punished in hell fire. That's what my Prophet thought me. Thanks to God The Almighty.. I don't have one, cos I fear your wrath more than anything else.Unless you fear God, and don't pay them peanut.

Friday, January 14, 2011

The "O" Malaysian

When will all this stupidity stop. If true, majority of Malaysian will be very sad of this episode. If not those inciters must be severely dealt with.Where is that tolerant  we suppose to dearly hold close to our heart after living together for so many decades?  
I am going back to my kampong than, seeking peace of mind and soul rather than living with irrational, hypocrite people in the housing estate. 
Back in my Kampong, Ah Chong, Ah Kow, Samy, Amoy and Mak Nyonya so with my Tok Iman, Tuan Lebai understand what's peace and harmony is all about. Better to go back home where I belong than live side by side with Junior Ah Chong and Young Samy, who have forgotten where they came from.
Reminds me of beautiful Sarajevo, despite the people of difference ethnics and religious belief they been together for centuries but when Soviet Union disintegrate they went for each other throats.
Oh Allah SWT...let Malaysia be of eternal peace, enough of May 13.
This is my kampong religous tolerant d' supreme.

What's the issue?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Six Cooking Oil wholesaler probe?

 What a nice branding, very traditional...a better choice.I  Hope "Cap Petai" will be globally known one day. Produced and packed by Hock Guan Heng, Semenyih, The tauke must have more heart for Malaysian than those big conglomerates that suck your money for their branding and advertising campaign just to make bigger money. HGH is more refined....
Yesterday, our supply of cooking oil is running out. Normally our family used an average of 8 kg of cooking oil a month. We get it from sundry good wholesaler or at time from hypermarket likes Giant,Tesco,Econsave and Carrefour. It's once a month kind of buying. My family member is an avid cooks at home food eater, we all hardly have our meal outside.My wife is the agitator ' d premier' in the family in influencing our daughters and sons never to take outside food, especially mamak's food, roadside stall, warong or other eateries of that nature. I don't understand really...why? Malaysia's is a food haven.
Malaysian eat and eat around the clock..a typical comment from my brother in law , an Arab.
Back to the issue of cooking oil shortage, I search for our favorite brand all around Seremban. I can't find not even one. Finally I have to settle with packet cooking oil, pictured above. At last I managed to buy a few packet and maybe this may meet our consumption for the next 2 week maybe.
Time to forget about being choosy, remember where we all come from...those day, I mean 40 years ago, no shortage of cooking oil and you know we only have the most supreme cooking oil...pure coconut oil...where we need to bring along our own bottle or container. No plastic bag at that time. So no issue of pollution. Either you use glass container an all time re-usable not recycle and paper to wrap anything which is highly bio-eco friendly..everything organic. The only thing we did not know what those words mean at that time but now it sound so elite and sophisticated.
We hope, the Domestic Trade and Consumer minister to work harder for the people. Ensure that all the Minsitry's vision and the objective  is clear in line with Mr PM " Raayat di Dahulukan, Pencapaian di Utamakan". So revoke their licenses with no hesitation, give permit  to those who deserve and capable of doing it effectively.