Monday, May 19, 2014


About a year or two now.... no mood to post, especially when the new management took over Malay Mail..., they says article  tak approve...lah... Which is Humanly Wrong!!!

The funny thing about being human is we tend to get pretty emotional about the topic of human rights. what a big joke, right? I mean, why do we have to take this human rights so personally? ; And that’s not the only funny thing about humans. Another is, on the other hand – especially in Malaysia nowadays, where there are groups so overly excited about human rights (It sounds very western Lol and up-to-date norm) – we want to be able to be free to make our own decisions and live life in a way that makes us happy.

Then many others like to join the bandwagon with their stands and principles all about human rights-and rights not wrong. Why can't it be "Human Wrong". It's wrong to despise others people belief, It's wrong to be a gay, it's wrong to have liberals mind , it's wrong to be in-human and many many more wrong. Why only human rights.. sure others will say I am wrong. Why? It is  my rights to say "Human Wrong" and that is my right being a human.

The so called Human Rights activist were on the other hand, they feel like there are some decisions that should be “over their heads” – like the right to kill, the right to steal, etc. Just imagine when the human rights goes wild.... frightening !!! But then, we just can’t seem to get clear on which decisions belong to us as individuals and which belong to our governments. Then there is the big elephant in the closet, 

Oh Allah !! Which decisions get left up, for you? Am I  wrong to say Allah here, I am a Muslim why not?, so with those who love Allah and Islam,  defending their religion, it is part of his or her rights, Is it humanly wrong? ...so where is the humanly rights.

There are theories in sociology that propose basic rules for how society needs to work in order for it to work well. Conflict theory, in-fact very conflicting, especially Malaysian has been living together for many decades yet they says we need to be in a constant state of conflict or society  and the negara will fall apart. We need an “us” versus “them” at all times.

Labeling theory says we need to make sure those individuals whose behavior disrupts social norms need to be primarily identified by those behaviors to serve as an example, so who are the real disruptor of peace – which is human wrong and that when given their primary labels they tend to roll with them and live up to their liking on one way or another, thus perpetuating the shining / or not-so-shining examples that they are human rights fighter.. for the ultimate of being a power greed politician, or just to show the world .. am a saluted human rights fighter by the foreign descriptors of peace which is Humanly wrong.!! 
Here are the known fighter cum ambassador  of humanly  wrong.... joking with the top violator of human rights,,,

Sting and the tyrant: Human rights champion jokes with Syria's brutal leader

He has championed human rights causes around the world for more than 30 years.

From displaced tribes in the Brazilian rainforest to earthquake victims in Haiti, Sting has supported them all.

So he will no doubt rather forget the time he spent laughing and joking with brutal Syrian dictator President Al-Assad.

Pictures have emerged of the pop star, who has been an ambassador for Amnesty International since 1981, meeting Assad in Damascus.

The 60-year-old musician and his wife, Trudie Styler, 58, joined the president and his British-born wife, Asma, in the Syrian capital in the winter of 2008.

Assad’s ruthless crackdown on the city of Homs has left hundreds dead, with American-born Sunday Times journalist Marie Colvin among the latest victims.


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Last night a friend of the singer explained how the couples met: ‘Trudie and Sting were on holiday in the Middle East in 2008 when they were invited to meet President Assad and his wife Asma.

At that time, Assad was relatively new to power and regarded as Westernised and, so, a potentially democratizing influence in the Middle East.’

However, a spokesman for the pair insisted they were now ‘disgusted’ by the brutality of his military regime.
Jokers: Bashar Assad may not have downloaded any Sting or The Police tracks, but it has been revealed he had a penchant for Right Said Fred

The dead girl shroud said " Bashar Killed Me"

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