Sunday, June 29, 2008

The June Stories 1

What a June?

Outrage! frustrated and at time we are so confuse with the turn of events in this country. The rakyat at large are still in the state of shock, depress and trying to fix the jigsaw puzzle to adapt and adjust life after the big hike in petrol price. The hardcore poor until now, they are yet to understand the kind of life they have to endure in the coming years. Even now at this very minute, the price of most essentials, household goods are going to increase. Majority of the rakyat, especially those earning less then RM1,000.00 a month , the recent price hike will render them a new poor member of the society.
However, there are others who make a good fortune during difficult time in a different way, RM1.2 million in the form of ex-gratia each for their wrongful sacking during Mahathir's time. The only issue, why the sacking but yet enjoy their pension just like anybody else in the civil sector. A privilege maybe, or special golden handshake, sort of compensating the years of suffering and difficulties.
Suffering many doubt it, humiliation not so, because the raayat at large understand the whole issue then. Anyhow, the sudden burst of condemnation of Mahathir by a few of those so-called top judges upon receiving the ex-gratia from Zaid, depicted a clear manifestation of the kind of judges we have in this country. After receiving a sweet lolly-pop, they start to jump,with loud commotions and so the condemnation, criticizing the former prime minister. What a senile kind of character these ex-judges are?
Agreed! The ruling executive - politician, the judiciary and the lawmakers are three different autonomous entity. However, all are prime movers that change the landscape of progressive Malaysia now into a sanctuary of bedlam, embeded to the core with corruption, nepotism and racial agitators.
The judges which should be responsible in arbitration or dispute must be able to interpret and discharge sentences as per the written law gazetted by the lawmakers in the parliment. But, only a handful which consistently discharge and read their judgement according to the rule of law. However many of them, co-exist and colloborate with the executive in power to bend the law and favor to the ruling executive - just willingly to be a pawned - for the sake of monetary reward.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Change Your Lifestyle - Talking Cock & Bull

The recent increase of petrol price which entails to sudden hike in prices of most essential household goods and services. The BN Flip Flop led government decision to increase the price of petroleum from RM1.92 to RM2.70, due to the sky-rokecting price of crude oil in the global market. Despite Malaysia being a net exporter of the commodity, the rate of increase are just too high and not in tandem with the current price of petroleum in any oil producing or exporting countries. Subsidy on petroleum need to be reduced thus the price have to increase drastically without any notice to the raayat. Thus the flip-flop BN government would be able to save on the subsidy, to ensure development and further improvement of the infra-structures for the benefit of the raayat.
How cock sure that the excess from the reduce subsidy will benefit the raayat interm of development and betterment of infra-structures for the raayat?
Anyhow, the statement and rhetoric sound too familiar from BN flip-flop led by Abdullah Badawi since his premiership. Then, now the raayat have to change their lifestyle. Understand that, change your life style O! raayat. What life-style? May somebody ask the Pak Cik and Mak Cik in the kampong, an old veteran or a pensioner maybe, what is that? the thing call life-style.
Another cock & bull, a myth, a near nonsense statement to almost all the raayat of the bolehland. Malaysia Boleh!!! Life-style, do you have one Pak Cik. Apa itu? It's a new style shoe ah? No lah Pak Cik & Mak Cik ... tukar gaya hiduplah-change your life style!, increase in petrol, so many other thing also will follow thru. So, need to change our life-style.
We don't know, what that life-style animal is? But what we do know, many things have increase in price. We thought this would not had happened, we produce our own oil, but why the increase, we really don't understand. During our younger day oil is cheap, everything are reasonably price, no modern thing then, but life is ok. Those day also,we can't recall anything name life-style?
Not only the Pak Cik and Mak Cik in kampong but to the majority of the raayat - lifestyle are such a strange thing - gaya hidup, ok what's that. Gaya hidup of course we need to work an earn a living, for food, rental and try to save money to buy a house for the family,clothing, car and children education. A normal thing, which every human being needs to do.
So what are those BN's mafia, want us to change? What lifestyle are those raayat are having? Majority of the raayat only led a basic- way of life, just a norm like most others are. So, how basic the kind of life they want the raayat to live?
They think living life is like limbo-rock - how lower can you be?
Talking cock and bull statement!!!
Until now I doubt most of our kampong folk understand what is that idiot - call lifestyle.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dr Mahathir Mohamad: MASA DEPAN UMNO

Dr Mahathir Mohamad: MASA DEPAN UMNO

The future of umno, I don't know. Even Tun Mahathir, the ex-premier and the former president of umno is doubting it.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Subsidy to Singapore by the billions - Courtesy of Flip-Flop BN Government.

While most of the raayat got carried away with anger, frustration and disatisfaction with the BN led government, lest we forget a big chunk of the subsidy were enjoyed by millions of Singaporean over so many years.

The water deal with Singapore, a dirt cheap rate, while the Johorian comparatively are paying at premium for their supply from SAJ. Just imagine Singapore rank no.32, rated the best city in world with a superior standard and quality living, only paying pittance to Malaysia for the water deal. Even until now, the BN led government failed to negotiate a better price with Singapore. At 3 sen per 1000 gallons of raw water- a form of indirect subsidy for Singaporean and their government is making millions of Sing Dollar supplying their own raayat after treatment of dirt cheap water from Malaysia.

Even China supplying water from the mainland to Hong Kong which belong to them at 4 USD per 1000 gallons. Yet Singapore the land of the kiasus, is getting an extremely higher subsidy rate, a complimentary from BN led Malaysia.

Not only about the rate of water charges, which are almost FOC comparatively - because the rate of income for Singaporean is 5 folds higher than Malaysian. Almost all essential household item are bought by Singaporean from the mushrooming hypermarkets and supermarkets in Johor Baru at a subsidise price. Basically subsidy on control essential items are not only for raayat Malaysia but the Singaporean. The PAP government in Singapore must be laughing all the way at the BN led government of Malaysia for extending the subsidy to their citizen.

The question here, why the earlier decision that Singapore registered car, can only replenish their petrol, 50km away from Johor Baru town center is now scrap. Citing the reason that there many Malaysian are working in Singapore, thus they will be affected if the ruling are enforce. What the heck? If they are working in Singapore, for sure their income will also be 5 folds higher than that of local Johorian. The question how many Malaysian are driving and riding Singaporean registered vehicle? 50km away ruling should be implemented, this will ensure that subsidy on petrol is rightfully for Malaysian only!!! A separate lane at the station will ensure that any Singapore registered vehicle must get their supply as per the current market rate globally.

Why BN led government scrap the decision? But yet maintaining the same ruling with neighbouring Thailand. Such a double standard?
Reason for not implementing the same to Singaporean - because many Malaysian working in Singapore. Such a shallow excuses or other reason that the raayat not suppose to know? If those Malaysian working in Singapore are using Malaysian registered vehicle these should qualify them for the subsidy, but if these morons want to use Singapore registered vehicle, let them be - after all most of Singapore registered vehicles might it be motorcycle or car are those of high power and big cc which guzzle petrol. If they can afford it so they should pay for it. Why the majority of us in Johor must suffer for their pride and kiasu followers of Singapore. Why must the 'flip-flop' BN led government extending subsidise petrol and the control food item to them?
The most glaring and significant suckers draining out of subsidy to Singaporean by this 'flip-flop' BN government- the hypermarket which keep increasing in numbers within Johor. 3 JayaJusco, 3 Tesco, Giant loss count, 2 Carrefour and many more local chinaman chain supermarket. All but to suck out the subsidy by selling those subsidise goods to their No.1 customer the kiasu Singaporean.
Johorian don't need so many hypermarket, they simply can't afford it, further more now with the escalating prices of all goods. So, the issue here - why is the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affair doing nothing to stop this? Why don't the 'Flip flop' BN led government plug this floodgate, giving subsidies to those non-citizen and to the hypermarket-suckers from the world capitalist zoo. Making we, the ordinary Malaysian tax-payer suffers outrightly for nothing.
Malaysia will be respected, if same gameplan - for those places bordering Thailand. We all know those people in South Thailand are in difficulties, displaced and averagely led a much difficult life than us. Even if our border are with Ethopia, Myammar or other poor nations extending these policy maybe very much welcome, but not with the kiasu Singaporean.
Why share our humble pie , while they have Xtra large Pizza to swallow?
To see how kiasu this people are:
Overheard this kiasu conversation at Carrefour JB. An old Chinese Ah Pek a typical kiasu from accross the causeway, carrying a small calculator with him: " This Labor cooking oil only RM13.50, it cost us SD15.00 lo!! Take five lah, we sell to our neigbour for SD12.00 also good enough to pay off our petrol and our makan and our..... suck real sucks."
So, are we still wearing blinkers? We Malaysian are the morons, and the 'flip flop BN led government is the biggest Moron of all!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Gushing Petro Ringgit and The Raayat

For what ever the reasons, excuses and the procrastinations with regards to the increase in petrol price the truth nothing but the truth that the raayat at large suffer the most. Anybody want to argue? The politicians, economists and the idiotic senator from the Dewan Negara. Unless the so called individual or group above indicates that their grey matter is located at their 'kepala lutut'.
To compare that giving subsidy to the raayat is likes giving them opium is just a bloody too much of an uncalled for remark. Who is the idiot which recommend this cuckoo to be a senator? Making such a remark inside Dewan Negara reveal and thus manifest the kind of “wakil raayat” we have in this bolehland. What a low level mentality or maybe this cuckoo is suffering from some kind of disintegration of the brain neurons cell, or an advance Parkinson’s syndrome. A real suck!!!! Bloody fool!
Is Malaysian that bad? Labeling we all being an addict of a banned drug call subsidy? Mr. Senator is you lost for better choice of word or just another oxy-moron elected into the Dewan Negara.
The issue here is with regard to the sudden increase of petroleum and diesel in this country. A 41% increased at one go without taking a moment the kind of chain reaction that will contribute to a declining of socio-economy, so with the cost of living of the raayat.
Just a few weeks ago, the raayat was shocked with the steep increase in the price of rice. Now all of a sudden another choking shock, raayat were confused and depressed. The facts are whether the dumb senator agrees or not the cost to lead a living is going to be more difficult and demanding.

In no time the percentage of the poor raayat will increase widening the gap of the have and the have not. The poor will be poorer and later be pauper and the rich will be richer, whilst the percentage of middleclass raayat will shrink, squeeze in between unsure where will they be in months to come.

The raayat will not be able to avoid the increase in price of all daily basic needs such as food, services and utilities. What more the suffering will be hasher for those within the lower income group- those earning less than RM1200.00 a month. They will be the hardest hit, thus many of them now seeking for a second job, enabling them to cushion – off, in lessening the increasing burden.

The minister in charge of domestic trade and consumer affair assured the raayat that the price of basic food item will be monitored and those caught for increasing the price will be penalized and brought to court.

An easy said then done, we still vividly remember about 3 to 4 years ago that the ministry of domestic trade and consumer affair mentioned that the ministry may not able to function effectively much due to the shortage of manpower to conduct a raids and enforcement. Another 2000 new enforcement officer were recruited then,to further strengthen and enhance the effectiveness of the ministry. Today, do we all ever come across these officers doing their round in ensuring prices of control items are in force. We can hardly see them, even the mandantory tagging of prices for essential items in most shop now,nobody seem to care anymore. In reality who really cares about consumer goods so with the affair of consumers.
The ministry will ensure the raayat that the prices of control consumer good will be closely monitored. Monitoring and an enforcing control price are two different issues!!!