Thursday, June 30, 2011

Freedom is simple-yet profound

Democracy is alive here in this “your voice” forum, great! Normally, I would not comment about issue relating to politic…but the urge is just intense to pen a line or two, so as to entertain and celebrate my perception of freedom.
The assertion of freedom to assemble is simple yet profound and many at time confusing or rather contradicting especially to ordinary Malaysian. Where most of the time, an individual's freedoms of action will often have an unintentional effect of limiting another person's choices. Simply means you're not free when someone else's actions are directly limiting your own action choices.
As such, the debate over the right to organize the rally is a freedom of choice to any legal entity, (referring to the constitution). However the choice will be contradictory if framed as one person's freedom versus another's. Such as, it is your freedom aka right to play “mah jong” until the wee hours in your own house, provided that your neighbors are not deny of their freedom aka right to sleep soundly.
Again, modern freedom fighters have a few biases in their opinion, and it can kind of be summed up in a nationalistic, chauvinistic, politics, fanatics, racist and collectivist way. Hopefully, it’s all about the greater good – hopefully again, so we shouldn't necessarily be free to impose our perceive freedom on others. This freedom of expression that influences modern liberalism and pluralism in the west, but so many on the left side of the spectrum will take these ideas even further. Like the “mah jong” session that turns rowdy even in the privacy of your home, you're still imposing a forced action on your neighbors to retaliate because of deliberate disturbance. However, this logic carried out to its conclusion reduces the individual to a cog in a multi-racial society – and your perceive freedom loses priority to tranquility, peace and harmony.
Notably, democracy is all about entertaining the majority and pacifying the minority and not the other way round.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Disable Parking Bay - Abuse by Parking-son Idiot

Abuse of handicap parking space  is common and almost everywhere. I really wonder the level of understanding of this facility by Malaysian or some are just 'idiot,extreme form of Kiasu syndrome and maybe they themselves are mentally disable. One's may observe most of the time those driving big posh car park there with no handicap sticker, blatantly with no sense of consideration to the disables. An able bodied driver should always have a thought about those who are less able. Thus, when a normal driver parks in a handicap zone and deprives someone else who more needy from parking there, it demonstrates a driver infected with Parking-son - Idiot disease.

Big Car.....own by a pea size cow-dung brain...kiasu.

Posh Car driven by Parking-son-Idiot disease sufferer

However, not many of us are aware the "right kind of sticker for car driven by OKU". Most of us are not sure whether there is a law with regards to this abuses. What kind of punishment of summon impose, nobody seem to care, maybe chain them to the wheel chair for a week or so or  they should get them injected with some form of epidural  which makes them lame from the waist down for a couple days and let them be wheel chair bound for that time...i am sure that will give them a new perspective on stealing disabled parking bay...!!!

Something needs to be done with disabled parking.I suggest that a new bill should be table in the parliment. Part of it to define the fine, but also the information of OKU such as those dealing with names and pictures being place on the dashboard or side mirror. Add that to having to renew them every five years, and we might have something to work with from there for those idiot who love to abuse the parking bay.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Not a dog's world in Selayang

Malaysian must look at this issue with rational mind by giving ideas and suggestion as how this problem should be solved, rather than just comments with loads of racial bigotry. All religions thought us to be kind and humane in dealing with the other creation of God. Every one of us, sure to have some form of short coming, be it as an individual, a group or even a government department. Malaysia, a young country which may take many more years to really come to term with clear understanding of the written law. Not, all Malaysian do have the clear knowledge,spirit and benefit of each purpose of the law enacted. 

Unless you train your dog....dog poop everywhere.

This is not a mock up...truth is, the law in other country is more stringent. Time for the Majlis Perbandaran to have this in public area.

Where is the civic mindedness?.....The kiasu syndrome is now around the corner. Learn to be more considerate with your fellow human being and your neighbors. Please get the knowledge on how to care for your dog and stop abusing them.
When a law is not fully understood by all, such as those who subscribe to the law and those who enforce the law, for sure there will be some form of misinterpretation.
In this contact, the authority must be able interpret the regulation clearly and how to enforce it within the perspective and the spirit of the law. Those personnel assign for the job must be well trained and must be qualified to carry out his/her duty within the parameter of the law. If the task is outsource, the responsibility will still falls within the purview of the authority concerned.
For us being a raayat, many at time we  looks at the given law only on hearsay, general understanding  and interpretation from the general masses. We normally satisfy the general requirement of the law and not the spirit so with the benefit of it. Basically we have a bare knowledge on what we love to do. Yet we claim we know all. Being cruel encompasses many  factors, not only physical, emotion, feeling, inflicting intangible stress and many more. If you love animal please pursue the knowledge in caring them properly. Claiming  that having a license or permit and that the freedom to it. Its a wrong perception! Always remember that, there are many more laws outside your parameter that may overrule your perception.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Exclusive KL Open Asylum

In spite of whatever those are human being we are talking about. These people need help, and that is part of the government’s responsibility. Rightfully responsibility to help the citizens not ill treat them because of their conditions such as been abandoned by their families or without any family, feeling undignified due whatever reason. Those with mental problem should not be there in the first place, that is not the institute for them. 

The stop treating certain people like they are animals…. they are human being like us all with either mental problems or stressed to a point where they can’t return to normal on tier own.
The government are helping the foreigners and even bringing these people into our country but what about those of us that are here suffering??? Homeless, hungry, broke???
Whether they are poor, mental, drug addicted etcetera. It’s time that our government looks into other things than just road projects. There are alot of people who need counseling, a good place to rest, and at least a meal a day
The issue of homeless people and beggars commonly known as vagrants is not often understood by the public. Some find them a nuisance and best kept away from the society. Some empathize with their plights and see nothing wrong with them being around.
The most crucial task of the ministry concern to find the best form solution with regards to vagrant and city poor

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

‘Sex park’ shocker and local council is pressure to improve service delivery.

The last thing I would like to do, is to give comments concerning local authority problems and any issues related to their function. The working environment, the atmosphere in most municipalities has changed tremendously over the years. Like it or not, it is a dilemma of a government commission department of the state. Sometime it is good to reminisce the so call good old days. Where a group of raayat elected councilors will help and play the role of Mr. Greaser, oiling the local council to ensure that, municipal staffs perform their job accordingly. Don’t misunderstood what I mean here. Frankly, they are doing  fine job even now,  to take care of our conveniences such as basic infrastructures, amenities and at time they are doing thing that most of us don’t aspect them to do. Such as public or residential recreational park, new decentralize wet market, green acres or space for us to perform our daily tai chi session and many more. At time we need to compliment them, they are good in urban planning with well-drawn draft plan for future development.

Perception differ-so with a welfare state and a capitalist...understanding bureaucracy!!and politically link capitalist monkey.

However, the disturbing pictures above do require a new level of concern from the public. These are not a confine problem face by those who reside in Shah Alam, Selayang or in KL city for that matter. Even in other states, problem will be there, and only the magnitude will differ, whether that’s facilities or amenities provided for will endanger life due to poor maintenance or due to vandalism or even misused by a handful of “less cultured” people in the community or in that particular society.
Coming back to good old days, then of course we don’t have such facilities and amenities. Local authority functions with limited resources to provide the best of service to those raayat within the municipality. I think even until today the vision statement remains the same but with constant expansion in area of responsibilities and higher expectation from the stake holder – the tax cum quit rent payer. I think most of the YDPs who are normally selected senior government servant (Yang DiPertua – and his staffs) do recognize all those shot coming. However, they are in dilemma. Not able to identify those contractors who got the contracts for the maintenance job – is a suicidal admission. But at time what choice do they have. 

Is that so?? LOL

I hope the state ‘ombudsman’s’ committee (they got new name now, I don’t know) should be transparent and act on it. So with SPRM, why no urgency!!
The dilemma faces by the local authority are with the state government commission councilors. I don’t know whether the people elected local councilors should be revived or not. I am not sure also, whether the political will is there, because if this happen, to be a political monkeys will be less enticing, why not? No fruits to pick.
To the father and family of Mohd Naquiddin, my condolence on the passing away of your son. Do whatever you want to, don’t let your son die in vain.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


One glaring factor is the lack of adult supervision after school has been linked to problem behavior, including aggression, in adolescents. Like it or not there is compelling evidence that the media is affecting youth behavior. The growing trend to the phenomenon of Internet or cyber bullying and its little wonder bullying goes beyond the classroom or school grounds.  As in most develop countries  found that cyber bullying is linked to school behavior problems and shares common predictors with verbal bullying and, to a lesser extent, physical bullying. It's also true that cyber bullying seems to peak in middle school.

Very Intimidating? Get to know how to go about preventing bully. Here

But just how clearly have we defined bullying, and what can be done about it?
What can be done to make schools safe or at least safer from physical aggression, verbal harassment and other forms of mistreatment, including cyber bullying?
Currently, I am not sure of the laws or regulations on the books that address the link between bullying and the adverse health effects of bullying. Most of us may not be aware whether we have clear legislation on defining bullying and prohibiting bullying.
How about sexual harassment to either gender at work place or public place? Is it well utilized by those victims? Or majority of Malaysian are still unaware of its existent?
In order to solve this problem before it get out of control, the need to make policy changes at all level should be a priority now. Even then, policy on its own won’t necessarily lead to better handling of any given situation. Bulling, harassment, intimidation and bullying behaviors need to be clearly defined. Laws must be clear, inclusive, and explain bullying and bullying behaviors. Supporting anti-bullying prevention programs should be a SOP for the school. Here again, I am not too sure whether educators will like it.
In addition to improved legislation and better parental supervision, media literacy programs and in- school training programs, PTA must also play their role in the true spirit of the association and not just another unit of  formality for the school.

Not all media is bad. Some do care and hate bullying others.

Regardless of how it's done, there is a general consensus that bullying and related behaviors are on the increase and will take the involvement of parents, families, schools, communities and lawmakers to make our schools and children safer from this kind of behavior. Knowing that this are all our children who will one day be the caretaker of this country.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

He didn't even say sorry - A Jinjang Joe he is!!

I  really don't know to what direction Malaysian going to be in the coming years. Whether we all may continue to care for each other like our grandparents and parents during the 60's,70's and 80's. Though with a bit of hiccup in 1969, the barometer of concern, manners, respect to the elders and upholding racial harmony stood steadfastly then.
Nowadays, Malaysian within the "Kurang Ajar" category is growing. This kind of social relationship decadent is not an isolated issue,not even skewed to specific or typical embodiment of race deficient.
I don't know, maybe the growing kiasu environment which are now taking a more defining impact in this so call "the soon to be high income nation with her new big headed citizen living the new found kiasu lifestyle".

Have space will squeeze, if not we miss..

My grandfather own this space?  So What..Kiasu maa...
Again, I don't know, really, despite the effort to create a more caring society by the government and the non-government organization. Is it going to happen? Or just a mere mocking of another new lifestyle in Malaysia today.
Here and until now, we all mourned to the passing away of Sir Ong.
This is what I have to say to my fellow Malaysian especially to those who just get to drive one. The car is symbolic in many ways, regardless of its owner's perception of it. Often it is the individual's second most valuable belonging.  Probably an important part of the owner's livelihood. Often his main access to freedom and almost invariably, a "statement of self."
The size, brand and model, shape, power, color, and value may all be used by the owner as an expression of how he sees himself and how he wants others to see him. Every time the car is used its value and meaning is to some extent controlled and obstructed by forces beyond the driver's control, and it is placed at an unknown risk to other road users even how good is your car safety or emergency features.
 It is this "egoic" aspect of driving which is perhaps more than anything else responsible for the style of driving and its unique ability to provoke emotion.Drivers are not ranked in terms of skill and ability, individuals either pass their driving test and are able to drive or fail and are not, and yet most people would agree that some full license holders are unfit to drive.
So, nobody stop you from driving what you like, anything, even if the law allows it, you may land your executive jet on the four lanes highway of PLUS.
But, one thing you need not to be so kiasu and " less cultured" or bluntly "kurang ajar". I strongly suggest the lawmakers to re-evaluate the Road and Traffic Ordinance immediately. The penalty for "kiasu driving is no more relevance in this new found kiasu society".  For negligence and reckless driving which cause death to others, guilty, minimum penalty  10 years imprisonment + fine and revoking driving license not relevant. Let them be kiasu in their own prison cell.