Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nuclear Reactor The core is Melting Down....

Some where in the December 2010, nuclear physicist from Japan, blaming Taiwan of building nuclear reactor not on stable ground. The new Taiwan reactor problem is concluded within 3 days of visual inspection. How the Japanese expert know? Without really conducting a proper seismic test which normally take weeks or even months. The issue here, is the liking to finger point others fault, but your own backyard is full of shits!!

read here to know further: 
Danger to nuclear power plant sparks war of words
By Loa Iok-sin  /  STAFF REPORTER
A Japanese geologist who said faultlines located near the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant in Gongliao Township (貢寮), Taipei County, would threaten the safety of the plant in the event of an earthquake has urged Taiwan Power Co (Taipower) to base its claims to the contrary on scientific evidence.An experienced researcher on the effect of geological composition on building safety, Shiosaka Kunio located a new fault along the Gongliao coast near the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant during a three-day inspection last week.
Aside from the newly discovered fault, two other faults — the Fangjiao Fault (枋腳斷層) and the Shanjiao Fault (山腳斷層) — have been identified in the area where the power station is located.At a press conference at the legislature, Shiosaka said the faults could threaten the safety of the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant during an earthquake.
In response, Taipower asked how Shinosaka could locate a new fault in only three days and said that the faults the nuclear power plant sits on are inactive.In a press release, the energy company claimed that after discussions with them, Shiosaka had agreed that one of the faults that runs through the grounds of the power plant was a shear zone rather than a fault.In a written statement, Shiosaka said he was able to locate the new fault in a short time because he investigated the geological composition of the area with the help of a remote sensing technique and satellite imagery.

Remembering Chernobyl - Ukraine, The deformed, victim of nuclear leakage. Who will suffer? non other the ordinary citizen.

Victim of Chernobyl ...

“Professionals who are involved in relevant areas should challenge me only after inspecting the area in person,” he said.“As long as there’s a fault, the impact of an earthquake would be amplified at least 1.5 times more, whether it’s an active fault or not,” Shiosaka said.
“It’s meaningless to differentiate between active and inactive, because those definitions are artificial,” he said.In Japan, an “inactive fault” is defined as a fault that has not been active for 1 million years. In Taiwan, the definition is limited to a period of 125,000 years.
“Taipower says the Fanjiang Fault is inactive because it hasn’t been active for 37,000 years,” Shiosaka said. “This is extremely unprofessional, as it’s not even in accordance with Taiwan’s own definition of what an ‘inactive fault’ means.”

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