Friday, October 17, 2014

Building the Nation... Talent Corp..lure Malaysian professional oversea back home....wasting time and effort.

Dear All, Living in this border-less world to migrate or not to migrate is a choice and core essence in human right fundamental. Let us not delve too much and make racist comments here.We have to accept the fact that people migrate everywhere  and every time is a non-issue in most developed country nowadays. Especially when they feel there are better prospects elsewhere.
The main factor or the key motivation of migration which remains to be the endogenous cause is remuneration and wages. It was estimated that the difference of wages between destination and source countries is between 3-15 times. This remains a key push factor of migration. In this  challenging  world it can be difficult to change this temptation of life. More than what each of us want in life, such as wealth, status, uptodate lifestyle, self esteem and many more factors that keep ascending the ladder of human wants and achievements. Than the ideal way of life, freedom in almost  every aspect of human intellectual capacity.