Thursday, January 15, 2009


20th January 2009, the 44th united state's presidential inaugaration with Barack..Barak...Berak.. Barrack Hussein Obama the new power at the helm, I can't really get to know his correct name literally. Shit! another sign of deception, fallacy and confusing Americana.

So many hopes, high expectation and the word "change",the most uttered by this young democratic presidential nominees at the early stage of his campaign. Change what? Change who? I am not sure, I am no American, no democratic neither republican. If you being a close observer of American politic - you should, especially those with chronic mental democracy syndrome such as; freedom,free-speech,equal right, human right so on and so forth. The fact that both republican and democrate seem to take turn in controlling the American people.

Sound just like P.Ramlee's movie, 2 terms for you and the next 2 terms for me. Thats how the landscape of American politic. Not only in USA, but most of the western nation, either you are from the labor party or the conservative. How about the leftist and so with rightist within the american society? Are they dead, or gone into oblivion. Lets the real american think about that.

When Soviet fall apart,the cold war end abruptly thus the nations of the eastern europe acquired their long overdue freedom. The most significant change to the world where Reagan managed to coaxe Gorbachev to declare USSR a non-existent entity,contributing to the only power to be - the new american imperialism. Than the new world order come into place, where peace and transquility on planet earth will now again falls into the hand of selected few sub-human species where war will be propagated in many fronts. Intervention, collusion, deception, neo-colonisation in the name of freedom, human right, democracy, feminist headed by non-other by the new-con led nation of america.

America the land of freedom!! the who and whom should hold the power of the new imperialist is not within the choice of the american majority. Running for presidential election requires the best money can buy. For long that we know republican is the bedlam of Jews-Zionist, so with the democrate where both parties have been colluding for many decades,deceiving, manipulating the american public into a new era of slavery. Majority of american have now realized after so many decades of deceptions, political subversion and manipulation by the inner circle within american administration. The congress , senate so with the governance of the many states of america long been dominated by politicians which their love for money, power and greeds were nourished to the brim by the evil minority, the jews - zionism community.

Sinced the time of Harry Truman, the first american president which recognised the state of israel, the suffocating grip of the sub-human zionist continue to dominate the white house. So Obama, another stooge in the making, will be inaugurated on the 20th January 2009 to serve their master - the sub-human species, the ferocious amphibious reptilia - the jews zionist. An aftershock, to show the world america is the land of many possibility, a black will have the equal right to be the next american president. Yet another obamarama in the making with " change" he will be damned, a deception to deceive the human race, manipulated by his puppet master the zionist - so now the honorary black zion come marching in.....

The question is , there are over 80% of american population is white? Are they dumb?

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