Saturday, February 7, 2009


We Malaysian especially the Malays are normally taken for granted that they respect their Sultan, Raja and Tuanku with high regard. That is the truth where most non-Malay thought all this years before and after merdeka. The funny part my father never ever told me that as Malay we must look upon the sultan in high esteem. Even amongst the elders in our kampong, they don’t care. Maybe they are too busy to really care about…maybe.
I am not even sure that the Malays really understand how the system works in this country. A parliamentary democracy with constitutional monarchy where the Sultans and the Yam Tuan being the head of the states will take turn to be the Agong, a constitutionally elected monarchy to be the king of the nation.
However the Prime Minister, a democratically elected leader will be the executive heading the country’s management. Any form of decision making with regards to the well being of the nation is his responsibility.
However, a Sultans or Raja who use to be the supreme leader of their states, were a powerless entity during the colonial era. Their existence is almost like those Rajas in India or Sultanates in Indonesia during the British and Dutch colony respectively.
In Malaysia, the Malays continue to exhibit their wanting for Sultans and Rajas trusting that the palace will play positive roles in preserving the Malay culture and of course this should be in a form of two way communication, where the Sultan and Raja will act and decide upon advice and consultation made by the state’s chief minister or mentri besar who led the executive function. This form of communication and advisory role of the mentri besar have been practiced for many decades.
So, Malaysia is governed by almost a similar form of a constitutional monarchy like British Isle. Where the Queen is head of state but the royal family will remain as one, inherit form of kingship.
The issue on contention today is with regards to respect and loyalty to the Sultan. From the very beginning I am not to sure the kind of respect and the degree of humbleness you should be as a servant or a subject to the sultanate.
Again, I am confused to being a servant? And a subject to who? Are we supposed to attain our liberty since the merdeka day? My father told me, so with my religion we are all servant of God – Allah SWT.
How if I choose not to respect the sultan? Those Malays or even non-Malays being conferred with datukship and titles from the sultan will of course curse at me for being “derhaka”.
Why? Derhaka, that sultan is not my sultan what, the one that I should show respect is Yang DiPertuan Besar the Ruler of Negeri Sembilan. I am born and brought up in kampong in Negeri Sembilan.
Even that with some from of limitation if the Yam Tuan want my respect couple with a list of provision much because I am an independent citizen of the nation. If the Yam Tuan discharges his duties within the constitutional law of the nation his majesty will of course gain my respect.
The truth is I respect everyone as a fellow human being regardless of colors and creeds. However, those leaders may it be from the political party and the royalty who have receive monies in the form salaries, allowances, perks and other benefit in kinds from the taxpayers they need to earn their respect.
Respect must be earned and gained, not force through because of the title that you have or you being somebody and abuse it. Money can’t buy respect, though if that happen that is to subscribe towards the lowest value in human dignity, equivalent to “bodek”, “ampu” or apple polisher so on so forth.
Remember, how the Malacca Sultanate disintegrated due to the practices of ‘bodek’, ‘ampu’ by the loyalist of the royalties.
However, the Sultan of Perak has decided that the Pakatan Raayat is out, so with Najib had a strategy and a smart one. So he won all the way. Easy, simple and that’s it.
Fair or not fair, who cares because you all need to respect his decision!
For me I have relinquished my respect many decades ago. Now you know why?
For Tuanku Muhriz I still reserve my respect, when due you will get on

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