Saturday, March 7, 2009

Malay Royalty on Downing Malay mind.

TuanKu - suppose to mean Tuan- You Lead - Ku - I follow.
Yet another good example of downing or degrading the malay. The mind of malays, the character of malays and anything with regards to malay. First and foremost, the audience is wrong - to despise and snapped malays who in attendees at the mosque is miss directed.

Just like an imam during his Friday summon, calling those Jemaah - people in congregation to come to the mosque and pray. He should go out there on the street to call those muslim to go to the mosque and not call upon those who are already in the mosque. Though, we know what the imam really mean, that the attendees to the congregation must call upon those who did not attend the friday prayer now, the next time encourage them to come and relate to them the kind of sin they commits if they don't.
That's Islamic away of conveying messages and reminders amongst muslim - a subtle way of reminding those attending the friday prayer the responsibility of being a muslim " saling ingat mengingati sesama muslim"
But Tuan-Ku you are totally out of contacts..........Your titah is not in good taste.... In actual fact is your aloofness, your mindset and your thought are that of the sultan of yesteryears, that the malay today have no respect to the royalty. These are very obvious, how this been echoed by your fellow royal brothers from other state because many malays nowadays dare to "sanggah" them.
Tuan-Ku you said that the real malay are articulate in their manners, polite and humble not only in addressing the royalty but amongst themselve. Tuan-Ku you still percieve that the malay today is your slave..... hamba abdi.
The worst part why only the malays is on the receiving end, how about the non-malay, are they all suppose to be the subjects of the state thus should respect you, or are they your subjects of good steed who normally patronized the royalty with high esteem and showered the istana with gifts, monies and whatever title thats befit.
Constitutonally, being head of the state in religous and the "adat" affair did Tuan-Ku uphold that responsibility in high regard and esteem within the religous term of being an "Imam". Not only on occassion but a practising imam in leading the muslim malay.

I am a malay - original,pure and a muslim. Not somebody of a pirate descendant from the surrounding sea of Riau. Original malay sultan has long gone, sinced the demise of Sultan Mahmud mangkat dijulang, thats what my grandfather told me. I am almost 65 now.
So, Tuan-Ku enough of this saying of an ill mannered malay.
My fore fathers ,my grandfather, my father remind me the real malay, we have no more sultan ......for many-many centuries.
The royalties exist because umno needs them, to leverage their existence to seize the malay mind.

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Anonymous said...

Tradition has it that their 'subjects' must remain loyal lest they 'derhaka' a word coined to keep everyone at his lowest human dignity, that follows with one to address oneself 'hamba' in front of them.
The royals has had their days and lasting wealth, a legacy for their LANUN background. They have got to learn how to earn their keep like any other.
We are all hamba of God.