Friday, January 14, 2011

The "O" Malaysian

When will all this stupidity stop. If true, majority of Malaysian will be very sad of this episode. If not those inciters must be severely dealt with.Where is that tolerant  we suppose to dearly hold close to our heart after living together for so many decades?  
I am going back to my kampong than, seeking peace of mind and soul rather than living with irrational, hypocrite people in the housing estate. 
Back in my Kampong, Ah Chong, Ah Kow, Samy, Amoy and Mak Nyonya so with my Tok Iman, Tuan Lebai understand what's peace and harmony is all about. Better to go back home where I belong than live side by side with Junior Ah Chong and Young Samy, who have forgotten where they came from.
Reminds me of beautiful Sarajevo, despite the people of difference ethnics and religious belief they been together for centuries but when Soviet Union disintegrate they went for each other throats.
Oh Allah SWT...let Malaysia be of eternal peace, enough of May 13.
This is my kampong religous tolerant d' supreme.

What's the issue?

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