Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Six Cooking Oil wholesaler probe?

 What a nice branding, very traditional...a better choice.I  Hope "Cap Petai" will be globally known one day. Produced and packed by Hock Guan Heng, Semenyih, The tauke must have more heart for Malaysian than those big conglomerates that suck your money for their branding and advertising campaign just to make bigger money. HGH is more refined....
Yesterday, our supply of cooking oil is running out. Normally our family used an average of 8 kg of cooking oil a month. We get it from sundry good wholesaler or at time from hypermarket likes Giant,Tesco,Econsave and Carrefour. It's once a month kind of buying. My family member is an avid cooks at home food eater, we all hardly have our meal outside.My wife is the agitator ' d premier' in the family in influencing our daughters and sons never to take outside food, especially mamak's food, roadside stall, warong or other eateries of that nature. I don't understand really...why? Malaysia's is a food haven.
Malaysian eat and eat around the clock..a typical comment from my brother in law , an Arab.
Back to the issue of cooking oil shortage, I search for our favorite brand all around Seremban. I can't find not even one. Finally I have to settle with packet cooking oil, pictured above. At last I managed to buy a few packet and maybe this may meet our consumption for the next 2 week maybe.
Time to forget about being choosy, remember where we all come from...those day, I mean 40 years ago, no shortage of cooking oil and you know we only have the most supreme cooking oil...pure coconut oil...where we need to bring along our own bottle or container. No plastic bag at that time. So no issue of pollution. Either you use glass container an all time re-usable not recycle and paper to wrap anything which is highly bio-eco friendly..everything organic. The only thing we did not know what those words mean at that time but now it sound so elite and sophisticated.
We hope, the Domestic Trade and Consumer minister to work harder for the people. Ensure that all the Minsitry's vision and the objective  is clear in line with Mr PM " Raayat di Dahulukan, Pencapaian di Utamakan". So revoke their licenses with no hesitation, give permit  to those who deserve and capable of doing it effectively.

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