Thursday, June 30, 2011

Freedom is simple-yet profound

Democracy is alive here in this “your voice” forum, great! Normally, I would not comment about issue relating to politic…but the urge is just intense to pen a line or two, so as to entertain and celebrate my perception of freedom.
The assertion of freedom to assemble is simple yet profound and many at time confusing or rather contradicting especially to ordinary Malaysian. Where most of the time, an individual's freedoms of action will often have an unintentional effect of limiting another person's choices. Simply means you're not free when someone else's actions are directly limiting your own action choices.
As such, the debate over the right to organize the rally is a freedom of choice to any legal entity, (referring to the constitution). However the choice will be contradictory if framed as one person's freedom versus another's. Such as, it is your freedom aka right to play “mah jong” until the wee hours in your own house, provided that your neighbors are not deny of their freedom aka right to sleep soundly.
Again, modern freedom fighters have a few biases in their opinion, and it can kind of be summed up in a nationalistic, chauvinistic, politics, fanatics, racist and collectivist way. Hopefully, it’s all about the greater good – hopefully again, so we shouldn't necessarily be free to impose our perceive freedom on others. This freedom of expression that influences modern liberalism and pluralism in the west, but so many on the left side of the spectrum will take these ideas even further. Like the “mah jong” session that turns rowdy even in the privacy of your home, you're still imposing a forced action on your neighbors to retaliate because of deliberate disturbance. However, this logic carried out to its conclusion reduces the individual to a cog in a multi-racial society – and your perceive freedom loses priority to tranquility, peace and harmony.
Notably, democracy is all about entertaining the majority and pacifying the minority and not the other way round.

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