Monday, June 20, 2011

Disable Parking Bay - Abuse by Parking-son Idiot

Abuse of handicap parking space  is common and almost everywhere. I really wonder the level of understanding of this facility by Malaysian or some are just 'idiot,extreme form of Kiasu syndrome and maybe they themselves are mentally disable. One's may observe most of the time those driving big posh car park there with no handicap sticker, blatantly with no sense of consideration to the disables. An able bodied driver should always have a thought about those who are less able. Thus, when a normal driver parks in a handicap zone and deprives someone else who more needy from parking there, it demonstrates a driver infected with Parking-son - Idiot disease.

Big Car.....own by a pea size cow-dung brain...kiasu.

Posh Car driven by Parking-son-Idiot disease sufferer

However, not many of us are aware the "right kind of sticker for car driven by OKU". Most of us are not sure whether there is a law with regards to this abuses. What kind of punishment of summon impose, nobody seem to care, maybe chain them to the wheel chair for a week or so or  they should get them injected with some form of epidural  which makes them lame from the waist down for a couple days and let them be wheel chair bound for that time...i am sure that will give them a new perspective on stealing disabled parking bay...!!!

Something needs to be done with disabled parking.I suggest that a new bill should be table in the parliment. Part of it to define the fine, but also the information of OKU such as those dealing with names and pictures being place on the dashboard or side mirror. Add that to having to renew them every five years, and we might have something to work with from there for those idiot who love to abuse the parking bay.

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