Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rising Suicide Death - What kind of Harikiri Syndrome is this?

On almost every alternate day someone in the country  commits suicide. That's nearly 200 annually, of which 90%  of those are in the major cities or big towns. Its seem to increase gradually every month. The question is  why these people take their own life? Depression of what kind thats spur mental un-reasoning, to take one's life?
What kind of harakiri syndrome coming by for Malaysian nowadays? Any official data and analysis to this phenomena and an almost similar path of destruction of human life in Japan, a fully developed nation and use to be the No.2 biggest economy, now down to No.3 after China.
6,000 suicide victims in Japan last year apparently took their lives due to financial problems or problems affecting their livelihood.(How about our government? Any dedicated finding..)
Why and what the reason.. or just because of normal mental depression. How about issues like health related problems ie, drug abuse,HIV or financial affecting livelihood, unemployment, indebted and followed by family problems.
Suicide rates have increased by 60% worldwide in the last 45 years and rates among young people have been increasing so much as to make them the group at highest risk in 1/3 of all countries.
Time to take stock of the undesirable phenomenon in Malaysia. It's the economy or the intial shock and the price to pay for high income population soon to be...
Whatever, my belated " hari kasih sayang to all Malaysian". take good care of your love one...

 Please don't do this? There are more better thing to do in life?

Here are a few POSSIBLE suicide warning signs: (remember as many as 25% of all those who die by suicide show NO warning signs)
    Appearing depressed or sad most of the time
    (Untreated depression is the number one cause for suicide)
    Talking or writing about death or suicide
    Withdrawing from family and friends
    Feeling hopeless
    Feeling helpless
    Feeling strong anger or rage
    Feeling trapped -- like there is no way out of a situation
    Experiencing dramatic mood changes
    Abusing drugs or alcohol
    Exhibiting a change in personality
    Acting impulsively
    Losing interest in most activities
    Experiencing a change in sleeping habits
    Experiencing a change in eating habits
    Losing interest in most activities
    Performing poorly at work or in school
    Giving away prized possessions
    Writing a will
    Feeling excessive guilt or shame
    Acting recklessly
To commit or not to commit ... suicide?


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