Thursday, May 19, 2011

Not a dog's world in Selayang

Malaysian must look at this issue with rational mind by giving ideas and suggestion as how this problem should be solved, rather than just comments with loads of racial bigotry. All religions thought us to be kind and humane in dealing with the other creation of God. Every one of us, sure to have some form of short coming, be it as an individual, a group or even a government department. Malaysia, a young country which may take many more years to really come to term with clear understanding of the written law. Not, all Malaysian do have the clear knowledge,spirit and benefit of each purpose of the law enacted. 

Unless you train your dog....dog poop everywhere.

This is not a mock up...truth is, the law in other country is more stringent. Time for the Majlis Perbandaran to have this in public area.

Where is the civic mindedness?.....The kiasu syndrome is now around the corner. Learn to be more considerate with your fellow human being and your neighbors. Please get the knowledge on how to care for your dog and stop abusing them.
When a law is not fully understood by all, such as those who subscribe to the law and those who enforce the law, for sure there will be some form of misinterpretation.
In this contact, the authority must be able interpret the regulation clearly and how to enforce it within the perspective and the spirit of the law. Those personnel assign for the job must be well trained and must be qualified to carry out his/her duty within the parameter of the law. If the task is outsource, the responsibility will still falls within the purview of the authority concerned.
For us being a raayat, many at time we  looks at the given law only on hearsay, general understanding  and interpretation from the general masses. We normally satisfy the general requirement of the law and not the spirit so with the benefit of it. Basically we have a bare knowledge on what we love to do. Yet we claim we know all. Being cruel encompasses many  factors, not only physical, emotion, feeling, inflicting intangible stress and many more. If you love animal please pursue the knowledge in caring them properly. Claiming  that having a license or permit and that the freedom to it. Its a wrong perception! Always remember that, there are many more laws outside your parameter that may overrule your perception.

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