Friday, August 22, 2014

American Homeland Warfront Zone

Time and again a nation which originated from fighters of  liberty with  democracy deeply embedded in the mind of the like of Abraham Lincoln now  slipping into unknown territory of doldrums, bedlams and militarized state.  What can  you aspect from a flocked of political hood looms under the control of  the new -con - Jews zionism. The zionist lobbyist is in full control of  America!!

Now you see, the Jews Zionist is invading U.S of America.
 Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 1.41.39 PM
It’s strange how something ominously frightening — the centralized and militarized police state in the U.S. — can grow for 15 years at least and yet not enter into public debate. The upheaval in Ferguson, Missouri, has changed that. This is all to the good. It means that after the unchecked rise of the police state, the tide might finally be turning the other way. 

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