Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Political Clown all over

For better or worse or for whatever lah.. strange things have happened in the world of politics. Especially Malaysian's politic scene. Just look at the antics of people from PKR,DAP,PAS and even the ruling BN, there has been no shortage of humorous (and non-humorous for that matter or sometime just plain stupid politician) political fodder. It kind of makes you think, how did some of these people get into office in the first place?

Politicians come from all walks of life, there's no doubt about that. It's now commonplace for an actor or actress to be a civil servant these days. We all know that actors Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Clint Eastwood have run for public office and won. Even the most famous child star of them all – Shirley Temple Black served her country as White House Chief of Protocol for President Ford and as a U.S. Ambassador for many years.

But let's not just focus on thespians turned politicians. Many others have come from a wide range of different occupations before entering politics. Here are ten politicians with the unlikeliest backgrounds.

Sure, every politician acts like a clown, but this one actually was a clown before becoming a political figure!

Born with the odds against him, Brazilian Francisco Everado Oliviera Silva – better known as Tiririca – was born in one of the country's poorest areas. He dropped out of school at age nine to join the circus as a clown.

Noting the success of his singing performances, the circus help fund an album for him. His album, Florentina became a great success, selling over 1.5 million copies. Tiririca found further success as a humorist on television when his musical career went in decline.

In 2010, Tiririca announced that he would run for the National Congress after being invited by the Brazilian Republic Party. Some may have called the former clown illiterate and a joke by running, but he became the most-voted-for congressman in the election, winning his seat for São Paulo state.

Tiririca had the last laugh, and became one of the most hard-working congressmen in Brazil. He criticized the ineffectiveness of other politicians saying, “You pass whole days here doing nothing, just waiting to vote on something while people argue and argue.”

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