Monday, February 14, 2011

Heated session on gated communities

Heated session on gated communities

Monday, February 14th, 2011 10:24:00
Extract from Malay Mail

PETALING JAYA: As expected, the battle lines have been drawn — residents associations (RAs) remained firm against the PJ City Council's attempts to dismantle gated and guarded communities here.

This was clear during a dialogue on security issues within the community, attended by over 100 RA representatives, local councillors and Selangor State executive councillor Elizabeth Wong yesterday afternoon.

Former PJ councillor Michael Soo chaired the session.

Wong made her stand clear as backing the RAs, stating she proposed to the mayor to identify barricaded roads which have low usage or alternate routes to be replaced with a patch of green.

She said the State was not in any position to amend Federal laws such as the Street, Drainage and Building Act 1974 (Act 133).

"The law gave the council the right to take down illegally built barriers. On the other hand, the council also has the right to close and open and even change direction of traffic under the provision of Local Government Act 1976.

"The council should have carried out a study with the RAs involved. We need to continue to explore 'outof-the box' options."

Urging the council to set up the task force immediately to find a better solution to the issue rather than just barring any guarded and gated communities, she also advised the council to handle the matter delicately, adding the State had in 2008 issued a stay on demolition for permanent barriers until crime problems were mitigated.

The Growing Trend " Gated Community"
And the sophisticated monkey of today!!
Not having confidence with the police by the well to do and the rich people is a growing trend in this country. All are new found lifestyle, I think the early perception of how a high income population should be, as what our PM dream of making Malaysia into one, in the next few years. I lived in a kampong in Kuala Pilah, a tranquil and traditionally malay. No issue of security, that's the benefit being an ordinary Malaysian, nothing luxury, nothing expensive but that tranquility with no price  equate it. My only issue is the open  zoo, menace from monkey and wild boar which at time brighten your day and not really a bother. It's okay to me, understanding their predicament of less habitat they are facing now, much due to the quest of Malaysian with new found lifestyle. I think living with nature and real monkey will give more meaning to life than with human who behave like one, especially with those " kena belacan" in the cities.
However, one set back in your writing Mr Singh, your last line of sentences did not sound ordinary! Be an ordinary Malaysian would be better! Religious bashing is not ordinary.

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