Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Money & Banking Scam

Like it or not, living in this world of today where most of us facing more social problem, inequality which create poverty, modern slavery and mental depression. All about money,wealth and the greed of material things that polarize to create, racism, chauvinism and bad taste amongst human being themselves. This video is an interesting look behind the scenes at one of the ways that the money mafia rules the world: criminal collusion and price-fixing, and control of politicians and regulators. 

Conventional banking system,where interest, the core form of money making machine. Who to deny the saying, "the richer became more filthy rich, the poor will be more pauper". Where and how to draw the line of minimal income to determine the poor,the middle class, the rich and the filthy rich.
We just wonder at time what's globalization, what good can it give to human being on this planet earth?
Any alternative to the system in Malaysia, apart from Islamic banking what choice can we have?

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