Thursday, February 10, 2011

ST15 only meant for the poor???

ST15 only meant for the poor



PETALING JAYA: Investigations are under way to detect millers or wholesalers who are selling the subsidised ST15 rice to restaurateurs.The Government suspects restaurants and businesses of purchasing the subsidised ST15 rice, meant for the poor, directly from licensed wholesalers. Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister Datuk Seri Noh Omar said subsidised rice was being illegally purchased by restaurants and other businesses directly from some of the 321 licensed rice wholesalers in the country.“The subsidised rice is being used in restaurants and they change the packaging. Yes, it is illegal because ST15 is subsidised rice,” he said.
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There is a ministry rule that restaurant and eating outlet operators can purchase rice only from retail outlets.However, he could not say how many licensed wholesalers or businesses were in breach of the ministry’s ruling.He added that the ministry was in the process of finalising its list of eligible recipients of the subsidized rice.Noh Omar said there were more than 500,000 pending applications for the subsidized rice.He said in random checks by Kawal Selia, the ministry’s enforcement team, some of the 500,000 applicants were not eligible to get the rice.

What Kawal Selia? why always thing goes the wrong way around....than the issue of  wasted subsidies will arise. Sometime we just don't understand the frequent blunder of the authorities,selling only to license wholesalers. Who normally frequent wholesalers? definitely retailers.. who are they? Retailer,shopkeeper, restaurant operators, canteen operators and normally a handful of consumers. Those are bulk buyers,who seek nothing but the cheapest thing available. 
You hardly see, this ST15 rice in sundry shop in kampong or in new villages. This are known fact,all will end up to those greedy profiteers. Worst off the ST15, is the most sort after by the foreign workers. 
Where is the enforcement? Kawal Selia? 
Nothing, but system failure, a ministry blunder. Poor coordination between ministries and at the end of the day, who is benefiting, not the poor but the towkays and hungry wolves within the ministry. 

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