Thursday, April 21, 2011

Customer Relationship Down the drain

Everybody, I Know needs this from Me!!! I am the monopoly..!!

As the country moving toward a new develop high income nation and the many milestones been set up by the government sush as those list of KPAs, KPIs, NKRA, NKEA - I don't  know with  so.. many more performance  indicators  and that  mainly from the public sector. For those private or business  entity  have nothing much to offer for  the consumer at large..which suppose to be the core target for any corporates, privates and public sectors in their flowery worded vison statement.
Worst off in most companies even to the small enterprises have made it more difficult, more confusing, and more frustrating to deal with them than ever before. They give all the "special offers" to the new customers; they've removed human beings from answering phones and answering questions. They make us pump our own petrol, check on our packages, book our own airline tickets and figure out when they've made mistakes on our accounts. They've cut their training budgets and have trimmed their service staffs to skeleton. They moved their customer service departments off shore or cheap outsource..outsource...where people don't understand how we think especially those big..big company. Then, they charge us fees for the privilege of using their "customer" services , all in the name of making money.

Is it no wonder we've become rather selective to whom we pledge our loyalty?
 No, customer loyalty is not dead, but it is hurting bad. It is given only to those companies that earn it and keep earning it by delivering value and comforting experiences on a consistent basis.
If You Don't Take Care of The Customer Someone Else Will. Simply means that there are a whole lot of other companies that will gladly give customers what they are looking for. When they walk away they walk away quietly. Problem is you have to find them.
This one factor where most companies seems to overlook and care-less about. The old traditional "budi bahasa and sopan santun" . Those day, how nice dealing with " taukeh Ah Pek and taukey neo" "so with Pak Ali or mak Cik Limah of  pasar basah place". Today our young people who deal with customer at the front desk or the reception counter or the payment  counter- we really get confuse with the way they do thing. Rude, stubborn,unruly behavior,sarcastic , tak tahu bahasa - (what I mean here - refuse to understand - a malay proverb).
They seem to miss the whole lot of customer -relationship management, where loyal customers give you referrals and sing your praises in your advertising and testimonials. Referral business is like "free" new customers. So the money you would have paid to get the new customer reflects back down to your bottom line.
When we feel good about doing business with a company we form emotional ties, not just spending  ties with them. Let's face it, customers are emotionally attached to their money - if we want them to give some of it to us - we need to get them emotionally attached to our business.
Employees and customers are human being. People have  perception, conscious, sensitive, alive and feeling ! It's an essential part of our human nature. When we finally recognize that in business, we'll work harder at building the emotional needs  with  customers that determines whether or not they become a loyal customer or a lost customer. We come back to companies that have what we want and create a comforting experience for us. We leave companies that don't have what we want or create bad experience for us. Experience is emotional learning in life.
What more in this multi racial country, customer-retail relationship is very important, dealing with multi-creed, being sarcastic or even tongue lashing using your own mother-tongue to those who are not able to understand your sarcasm is indeed serious in our society ...such sarcastic saying likes... mala chai.....so..so....k***ng kia.....so..so....
Being an senior citizen of the nation, for the sake of peace and stability so with sane mind ...I just swallow it... at time.
Again, If You Don't Take Care of The Customer Someone else Will. This means a whole lot more than we ever thought.
I find it is sadly true that most companies don't have a strategic plan for keeping customers, keeping them happy OR keeping them coming back time and time again with their money and their friends. Even if they have one the whole training program for their customer dealing employees may not be compatible for  multi-race Malaysian. Understanding, tradition of various race, culture, the do's and don't and  so with upbringing of our young are the most vital facet for a better customer service.

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