Sunday, April 24, 2011

RIP Mr Ong Kim Koon - The Unsung Ordinary Malaysian Hero

First, my condolence to the family. To Sir Ong Kim Koon your selflessness, valor and courage is not only reserved for those exceptional incidents that involve life threatening situations. It has more to do with choosing to walk the high road, do the right thing and give your all when no one is watching and scores are not kept. And that is you!!

Being an unsung hero has its own reward… so long as we make one commitment. And that is committing to take personal responsibility for finding value in everything that we do.

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A mature person understands that there is no such thing as meaningless task. If anything is worth doing, it worth doing well; it’s worth being done with care and compassion. Just as chain in not stronger than its weakest link. . The task at hand has little to do with satisfaction but the intention behind the action has everything to do with it  ...just out of compassion.

Mr. Sir Ong you are on top of others, you think big because only little people are too big for small thing.

Your selflessness, valor and courage are the hallmarks of the complete person. It is the standard that defines the great humility in you and it is the standard by which human being should be. By right, the two are completely interconnected and one cannot exist without the other. And that is you Mr. Ong, both and all of it!!

We were all born with the seed of greatness but that seed needs to be recognized and nurtured if it's to come to fruition. The hardest part of the process is recognition of the fact that we were born to be great in our own way. But you, Mr. Ong your seeds is now blooming with myriad of flying colors.

The greatness in you  having a sense of pure compassion, holding yourselves to the best possible principles of valor and having the courage to be true to your convictions and to uphold your humility. And that is you Mr. Ong! A near angel.

Finally my salutations and gratification; in the embodiment of these three words: compassion, valor and courage. And that is You!!! May you rest in peace Sir.

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