Friday, April 8, 2011


RM2mil in account of ex-director

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has traced millions of ringgit more in the accounts of Customs Department officers, including at least RM2mil in the account of a retired Customs director.

Sources said the task force investigating the case believed a well-known forwarding company had banked the money into the account of the retired director for favours granted while in office.

from The Star..

This is not news...and definitely not an isolated case like most people within the public servant or even the lawmakers use to conclude conveniently. Not even a tip of the iceberg, or maybe just a small snow flake on the mountain of Switzerland.
The raayat will of course find it very difficult to comprehend,  especially those from the rural kampong or new villages. During 60's or the 70's being rich is easy to understand..sheer hardwork, toil of blood,sweat and tears so with good business acumen.
However today living beyond your mean - I mean generally will attract to a lots of perception and suspicion. But don't be mistaken, holding steadfastly to that understanding of sheer hardwork and toiling...is over and out today. If you are young,educated and full of zest in acquiring a good life is no secret. Young entrepreneur will be a millionaire in no time..if he or she is able to explore the wildest of dream to road of richness.
So, not really a surprising situation young people or the yuppies to attain trendy and luxurious lifestyle  today. Remember, BMW is assembling and choose Malaysia the center for sales and distribution. So what the fuss of living beyond your mean...
But... if a retired or senior public servant to live beyond their mean is indeed a concern..and will likely to attract a lots of guesses.
But then don't jump the gun... their kids maybe a young entrepreneurs..or maybe a successful businessman engage in a long term contract of supplying good and services to the department...where the decision of those entity with regards to contract and authority headed by his or her own "old man".
In Malaysia nothing impossible.. life like that lo!!! 

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Anonymous said...

Its true,very true nothing impossible nowadays. People getting crazy.