Friday, April 8, 2011


Believe or not, Fake chicken eggs were really common since last year and the beginning of this year in China and profitable. Just do a search on the subject yourself.
I have a really hard time buying this story. Conceivably one could eventually make this process profitable, but it seems a stretch to believe that it could become profitable quickly enough to take the place of real egg production. It just doesn’t even make sense why you would experiment and perfect this process. I really love China...when come to fake things....I mean things here...not the Chinese.

For me, I have built my own chicken coop from mostly scrap materials for next to nothing. Am so glad other poultry keepers have so many bits of info on hen houses.Getting green and organic by having your own green patch.

So identical...you guess what??? Whats next from China..

Maybe good for the global food program for the world poor, where soon the rich will only exclusive to the genuine one !!!! next in line, hopefully fake chicken..with an affordable pricing!! at least to compete with the non-stop increase of chicken price in Malaysia.
The world is becoming more weird and cruel... the poor will be more pauper, not only in worldly materials but their health and the rich will grow richer and meaner in getting rid of the poor. A new world order...

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