Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Gushing Petro Ringgit and The Raayat

For what ever the reasons, excuses and the procrastinations with regards to the increase in petrol price the truth nothing but the truth that the raayat at large suffer the most. Anybody want to argue? The politicians, economists and the idiotic senator from the Dewan Negara. Unless the so called individual or group above indicates that their grey matter is located at their 'kepala lutut'.
To compare that giving subsidy to the raayat is likes giving them opium is just a bloody too much of an uncalled for remark. Who is the idiot which recommend this cuckoo to be a senator? Making such a remark inside Dewan Negara reveal and thus manifest the kind of “wakil raayat” we have in this bolehland. What a low level mentality or maybe this cuckoo is suffering from some kind of disintegration of the brain neurons cell, or an advance Parkinson’s syndrome. A real suck!!!! Bloody fool!
Is Malaysian that bad? Labeling we all being an addict of a banned drug call subsidy? Mr. Senator is you lost for better choice of word or just another oxy-moron elected into the Dewan Negara.
The issue here is with regard to the sudden increase of petroleum and diesel in this country. A 41% increased at one go without taking a moment the kind of chain reaction that will contribute to a declining of socio-economy, so with the cost of living of the raayat.
Just a few weeks ago, the raayat was shocked with the steep increase in the price of rice. Now all of a sudden another choking shock, raayat were confused and depressed. The facts are whether the dumb senator agrees or not the cost to lead a living is going to be more difficult and demanding.

In no time the percentage of the poor raayat will increase widening the gap of the have and the have not. The poor will be poorer and later be pauper and the rich will be richer, whilst the percentage of middleclass raayat will shrink, squeeze in between unsure where will they be in months to come.

The raayat will not be able to avoid the increase in price of all daily basic needs such as food, services and utilities. What more the suffering will be hasher for those within the lower income group- those earning less than RM1200.00 a month. They will be the hardest hit, thus many of them now seeking for a second job, enabling them to cushion – off, in lessening the increasing burden.

The minister in charge of domestic trade and consumer affair assured the raayat that the price of basic food item will be monitored and those caught for increasing the price will be penalized and brought to court.

An easy said then done, we still vividly remember about 3 to 4 years ago that the ministry of domestic trade and consumer affair mentioned that the ministry may not able to function effectively much due to the shortage of manpower to conduct a raids and enforcement. Another 2000 new enforcement officer were recruited then,to further strengthen and enhance the effectiveness of the ministry. Today, do we all ever come across these officers doing their round in ensuring prices of control items are in force. We can hardly see them, even the mandantory tagging of prices for essential items in most shop now,nobody seem to care anymore. In reality who really cares about consumer goods so with the affair of consumers.
The ministry will ensure the raayat that the prices of control consumer good will be closely monitored. Monitoring and an enforcing control price are two different issues!!!

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