Friday, June 13, 2008

Subsidy to Singapore by the billions - Courtesy of Flip-Flop BN Government.

While most of the raayat got carried away with anger, frustration and disatisfaction with the BN led government, lest we forget a big chunk of the subsidy were enjoyed by millions of Singaporean over so many years.

The water deal with Singapore, a dirt cheap rate, while the Johorian comparatively are paying at premium for their supply from SAJ. Just imagine Singapore rank no.32, rated the best city in world with a superior standard and quality living, only paying pittance to Malaysia for the water deal. Even until now, the BN led government failed to negotiate a better price with Singapore. At 3 sen per 1000 gallons of raw water- a form of indirect subsidy for Singaporean and their government is making millions of Sing Dollar supplying their own raayat after treatment of dirt cheap water from Malaysia.

Even China supplying water from the mainland to Hong Kong which belong to them at 4 USD per 1000 gallons. Yet Singapore the land of the kiasus, is getting an extremely higher subsidy rate, a complimentary from BN led Malaysia.

Not only about the rate of water charges, which are almost FOC comparatively - because the rate of income for Singaporean is 5 folds higher than Malaysian. Almost all essential household item are bought by Singaporean from the mushrooming hypermarkets and supermarkets in Johor Baru at a subsidise price. Basically subsidy on control essential items are not only for raayat Malaysia but the Singaporean. The PAP government in Singapore must be laughing all the way at the BN led government of Malaysia for extending the subsidy to their citizen.

The question here, why the earlier decision that Singapore registered car, can only replenish their petrol, 50km away from Johor Baru town center is now scrap. Citing the reason that there many Malaysian are working in Singapore, thus they will be affected if the ruling are enforce. What the heck? If they are working in Singapore, for sure their income will also be 5 folds higher than that of local Johorian. The question how many Malaysian are driving and riding Singaporean registered vehicle? 50km away ruling should be implemented, this will ensure that subsidy on petrol is rightfully for Malaysian only!!! A separate lane at the station will ensure that any Singapore registered vehicle must get their supply as per the current market rate globally.

Why BN led government scrap the decision? But yet maintaining the same ruling with neighbouring Thailand. Such a double standard?
Reason for not implementing the same to Singaporean - because many Malaysian working in Singapore. Such a shallow excuses or other reason that the raayat not suppose to know? If those Malaysian working in Singapore are using Malaysian registered vehicle these should qualify them for the subsidy, but if these morons want to use Singapore registered vehicle, let them be - after all most of Singapore registered vehicles might it be motorcycle or car are those of high power and big cc which guzzle petrol. If they can afford it so they should pay for it. Why the majority of us in Johor must suffer for their pride and kiasu followers of Singapore. Why must the 'flip-flop' BN led government extending subsidise petrol and the control food item to them?
The most glaring and significant suckers draining out of subsidy to Singaporean by this 'flip-flop' BN government- the hypermarket which keep increasing in numbers within Johor. 3 JayaJusco, 3 Tesco, Giant loss count, 2 Carrefour and many more local chinaman chain supermarket. All but to suck out the subsidy by selling those subsidise goods to their No.1 customer the kiasu Singaporean.
Johorian don't need so many hypermarket, they simply can't afford it, further more now with the escalating prices of all goods. So, the issue here - why is the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affair doing nothing to stop this? Why don't the 'Flip flop' BN led government plug this floodgate, giving subsidies to those non-citizen and to the hypermarket-suckers from the world capitalist zoo. Making we, the ordinary Malaysian tax-payer suffers outrightly for nothing.
Malaysia will be respected, if same gameplan - for those places bordering Thailand. We all know those people in South Thailand are in difficulties, displaced and averagely led a much difficult life than us. Even if our border are with Ethopia, Myammar or other poor nations extending these policy maybe very much welcome, but not with the kiasu Singaporean.
Why share our humble pie , while they have Xtra large Pizza to swallow?
To see how kiasu this people are:
Overheard this kiasu conversation at Carrefour JB. An old Chinese Ah Pek a typical kiasu from accross the causeway, carrying a small calculator with him: " This Labor cooking oil only RM13.50, it cost us SD15.00 lo!! Take five lah, we sell to our neigbour for SD12.00 also good enough to pay off our petrol and our makan and our..... suck real sucks."
So, are we still wearing blinkers? We Malaysian are the morons, and the 'flip flop BN led government is the biggest Moron of all!!!

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