Sunday, June 29, 2008

The June Stories 1

What a June?

Outrage! frustrated and at time we are so confuse with the turn of events in this country. The rakyat at large are still in the state of shock, depress and trying to fix the jigsaw puzzle to adapt and adjust life after the big hike in petrol price. The hardcore poor until now, they are yet to understand the kind of life they have to endure in the coming years. Even now at this very minute, the price of most essentials, household goods are going to increase. Majority of the rakyat, especially those earning less then RM1,000.00 a month , the recent price hike will render them a new poor member of the society.
However, there are others who make a good fortune during difficult time in a different way, RM1.2 million in the form of ex-gratia each for their wrongful sacking during Mahathir's time. The only issue, why the sacking but yet enjoy their pension just like anybody else in the civil sector. A privilege maybe, or special golden handshake, sort of compensating the years of suffering and difficulties.
Suffering many doubt it, humiliation not so, because the raayat at large understand the whole issue then. Anyhow, the sudden burst of condemnation of Mahathir by a few of those so-called top judges upon receiving the ex-gratia from Zaid, depicted a clear manifestation of the kind of judges we have in this country. After receiving a sweet lolly-pop, they start to jump,with loud commotions and so the condemnation, criticizing the former prime minister. What a senile kind of character these ex-judges are?
Agreed! The ruling executive - politician, the judiciary and the lawmakers are three different autonomous entity. However, all are prime movers that change the landscape of progressive Malaysia now into a sanctuary of bedlam, embeded to the core with corruption, nepotism and racial agitators.
The judges which should be responsible in arbitration or dispute must be able to interpret and discharge sentences as per the written law gazetted by the lawmakers in the parliment. But, only a handful which consistently discharge and read their judgement according to the rule of law. However many of them, co-exist and colloborate with the executive in power to bend the law and favor to the ruling executive - just willingly to be a pawned - for the sake of monetary reward.

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