Tuesday, May 10, 2011


One glaring factor is the lack of adult supervision after school has been linked to problem behavior, including aggression, in adolescents. Like it or not there is compelling evidence that the media is affecting youth behavior. The growing trend to the phenomenon of Internet or cyber bullying and its little wonder bullying goes beyond the classroom or school grounds.  As in most develop countries  found that cyber bullying is linked to school behavior problems and shares common predictors with verbal bullying and, to a lesser extent, physical bullying. It's also true that cyber bullying seems to peak in middle school.

Very Intimidating? Get to know how to go about preventing bully. Here

But just how clearly have we defined bullying, and what can be done about it?
What can be done to make schools safe or at least safer from physical aggression, verbal harassment and other forms of mistreatment, including cyber bullying?
Currently, I am not sure of the laws or regulations on the books that address the link between bullying and the adverse health effects of bullying. Most of us may not be aware whether we have clear legislation on defining bullying and prohibiting bullying.
How about sexual harassment to either gender at work place or public place? Is it well utilized by those victims? Or majority of Malaysian are still unaware of its existent?
In order to solve this problem before it get out of control, the need to make policy changes at all level should be a priority now. Even then, policy on its own won’t necessarily lead to better handling of any given situation. Bulling, harassment, intimidation and bullying behaviors need to be clearly defined. Laws must be clear, inclusive, and explain bullying and bullying behaviors. Supporting anti-bullying prevention programs should be a SOP for the school. Here again, I am not too sure whether educators will like it.
In addition to improved legislation and better parental supervision, media literacy programs and in- school training programs, PTA must also play their role in the true spirit of the association and not just another unit of  formality for the school.

Not all media is bad. Some do care and hate bullying others.

Regardless of how it's done, there is a general consensus that bullying and related behaviors are on the increase and will take the involvement of parents, families, schools, communities and lawmakers to make our schools and children safer from this kind of behavior. Knowing that this are all our children who will one day be the caretaker of this country.

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