Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Descrimination to smokers - Do look from another angle.

To those who do not smoke, and have never smoked, often feel like there is no reason to provide a smoking room especially at public places for smokers. To smokers, however it is a personal right to be able to smoke in public places. But here, he is abiding to the law restricting smoking in public place –the airport. The whole issues here are those designated smoking place which allow him to smoke. To smoke or not to smoke is a freedom of well inform adult choice. So, no need to condemn him. The lawmakers are yet to decide on total ban of smoking in the country, even MOH enforcement on restrictive non- smoking public area only able to do within those designated place.

So, having a smoking room for smokers within the airport area is also within the purview of the same restrictive law. The issue here again, is why the smoking room at our airport is not up to standard. So as a smoker, he has the right to voice his dissatisfaction, again this is provided by that restrictive law and basic law of human right or individual right clearly spelt out in the constitution.
I share the same concern, facilities are not well kept and maintain in most of our airport. At KLIA  you have to walk for few hundred meters for your camel puff. The smoking rooms are congested and lack of fittings, don’t talk about comfort at all. Smokers are just treated like a bunch of outcast – but travel 1st Class. 

Malaysian Airport Management, please observe what others are doing. Singapore for that matter, restrictive law on smoking is far more severe than Malaysia. But then, Changi Airport, provide an indoor and outdoor smoking area within their departure area for their customer. Thailand, Saravabumi Airport, smoking room is available every 100 meters apart. No wonder Thailand continue to be the top choice tourist destination in Asia.
So, airports are not just a place for arrival and departure, it is product, sell and brand it accordingly. A paid for facilities, so facilitate your customers. Ironically , our airport have the most duty free outlets selling fags.Funny!

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