Thursday, May 12, 2011

Exclusive KL Open Asylum

In spite of whatever those are human being we are talking about. These people need help, and that is part of the government’s responsibility. Rightfully responsibility to help the citizens not ill treat them because of their conditions such as been abandoned by their families or without any family, feeling undignified due whatever reason. Those with mental problem should not be there in the first place, that is not the institute for them. 

The stop treating certain people like they are animals…. they are human being like us all with either mental problems or stressed to a point where they can’t return to normal on tier own.
The government are helping the foreigners and even bringing these people into our country but what about those of us that are here suffering??? Homeless, hungry, broke???
Whether they are poor, mental, drug addicted etcetera. It’s time that our government looks into other things than just road projects. There are alot of people who need counseling, a good place to rest, and at least a meal a day
The issue of homeless people and beggars commonly known as vagrants is not often understood by the public. Some find them a nuisance and best kept away from the society. Some empathize with their plights and see nothing wrong with them being around.
The most crucial task of the ministry concern to find the best form solution with regards to vagrant and city poor

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