Wednesday, May 11, 2011

‘Sex park’ shocker and local council is pressure to improve service delivery.

The last thing I would like to do, is to give comments concerning local authority problems and any issues related to their function. The working environment, the atmosphere in most municipalities has changed tremendously over the years. Like it or not, it is a dilemma of a government commission department of the state. Sometime it is good to reminisce the so call good old days. Where a group of raayat elected councilors will help and play the role of Mr. Greaser, oiling the local council to ensure that, municipal staffs perform their job accordingly. Don’t misunderstood what I mean here. Frankly, they are doing  fine job even now,  to take care of our conveniences such as basic infrastructures, amenities and at time they are doing thing that most of us don’t aspect them to do. Such as public or residential recreational park, new decentralize wet market, green acres or space for us to perform our daily tai chi session and many more. At time we need to compliment them, they are good in urban planning with well-drawn draft plan for future development.

Perception differ-so with a welfare state and a capitalist...understanding bureaucracy!!and politically link capitalist monkey.

However, the disturbing pictures above do require a new level of concern from the public. These are not a confine problem face by those who reside in Shah Alam, Selayang or in KL city for that matter. Even in other states, problem will be there, and only the magnitude will differ, whether that’s facilities or amenities provided for will endanger life due to poor maintenance or due to vandalism or even misused by a handful of “less cultured” people in the community or in that particular society.
Coming back to good old days, then of course we don’t have such facilities and amenities. Local authority functions with limited resources to provide the best of service to those raayat within the municipality. I think even until today the vision statement remains the same but with constant expansion in area of responsibilities and higher expectation from the stake holder – the tax cum quit rent payer. I think most of the YDPs who are normally selected senior government servant (Yang DiPertua – and his staffs) do recognize all those shot coming. However, they are in dilemma. Not able to identify those contractors who got the contracts for the maintenance job – is a suicidal admission. But at time what choice do they have. 

Is that so?? LOL

I hope the state ‘ombudsman’s’ committee (they got new name now, I don’t know) should be transparent and act on it. So with SPRM, why no urgency!!
The dilemma faces by the local authority are with the state government commission councilors. I don’t know whether the people elected local councilors should be revived or not. I am not sure also, whether the political will is there, because if this happen, to be a political monkeys will be less enticing, why not? No fruits to pick.
To the father and family of Mohd Naquiddin, my condolence on the passing away of your son. Do whatever you want to, don’t let your son die in vain.

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